Give Those Old Stone Countertops a Brand New Look December 18 2015

LED Lighted Stone Countertop


When it comes to adding value to a home, remodeling a kitchen has always been a sound choice, but only if the homeowner can keep the total kitchen remodeling cost below the total value added by their home improvement.

To reduce remodeling cost, homeowners have a lot of different strategies they can use to help. One common approach is to reuse what is available by refinishing and updating those already existing items, giving them a new look and life.

According to the experts over at, the top two costly kitchen remodeling elements are cabinets and countertops. Both range in cost of around $1,000.00 to about $8,500.00 each. If the homeowner can reuse their existing kitchen cabinets and countertops, then they are already looking at saving around $2,000.00 to about $17,500.00.


Kitchen Cabinet No Stone


When it comes to reusing cabinets, homeowners can paint, stain and/or update hardware and upgrade cabinets doors to help give their cabinets a new look. Unfortunately, when it comes to stone countertops homeowners do not have those same options. Until recently, if the stone countertops did not fit with a homeowner's kitchen remodeling vision then they would have to set aside a sizeable amount of their budget towards getting new countertops. The majority of the time this is due to either a new kitchen counter layout or because of the stone's color. Now, Knema, LLC would like to give homeowners a new option to consider, if all that stands in their way of reusing their stone countertops is the color of the stone.

Sometimes stone countertops are translucent, which means they will let light pass through them. Homeowners with this type of countertops are in luck because not only is lighting stone countertops the latest rage, but homeowners can use that light to affect the color of their stone. Which hopefully means they can reuse them and save the money they would need to buy new stone countertops.


How Can Backlighting Stone Affect the Stone's Color?

Non-lighted Lumex Stone


Pictured above is an unlit Lumex stone countertop. This stone has lots of interesting veins of color in it that only get better when backlighting them.

Below are examples of different colors of light passing through the same Lumex stone.


Natural White Light (5500K)

Lumex Stone Lit by Nature White LED Module


Warm White Light (4000K)

Lumex Stone Lit by Warm White LED Module


By changing the color temperature of the light behind the stone the homeowner is able to drastically affect the appearance of their stone countertops.

Below are some examples of how you can add splashes of color using RGB backlights.


RGB Light and 5500K Light (Alternating Sides)

Lumix Stone Lit by Both 5500K and RGB

Lumix Stone Lit by RGB and 5500K


Even if the countertops are not totally translucent and only have a certain area that will pass light through, you can still backlight it. Below is an example of some granite demonstrating this.


Backlighting Granite

Granite Lit


Knema, LLC provides a full line of products that can be used to backlight stone and have been providing LED lighting products since 2001. Give Knema a call for help backlighting those old tired stone countertops and give that stone a new life today.