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Demonstrating flexibility of electroluminescent panel inserting LED module into streetlight fixture

backlighting panel used to back light photographic image several images of LED flood, spot & specialty lighting


Knema, LLC, a privately owned and operated lighting company located in Shreveport, LA has provided electroluminescent and energy efficient LED lighting online since 2005.

We have our customers in mind by providing a range of pricing options for each LED product we carry, letting you choose the best LED lighting for your project.

 With the invention of the LED (light emitting diode), the lighting industry has experienced a drastic change; lighting has become a way to make the home or office more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

 Not only have LEDs changed lighting from an environmental aspect, they also provide an opportunity for lighting to be a design element as well. Now, it’s possible for home and commercial property owners to retrofit existing lighting to money saving LEDs and designers and artists to create their own custom lighting.

 All you need is a little help from a lighting store like Contact us today to talk about your next lighting project and see how our customer service has made us one of the top online LED lighting stores in Shreveport, Louisiana.


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