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LED Edgelit Light Panels, Large LED Modules and Electroluminescent Panels


Large LED Module to back light stone / Lumix
Manufactured in the US [Imported parts]. Large LED light modules are aluminum
printed circuit boards containing surface mounted LEDs. Uses: architectural luminaire, 
illumination for stained glass, light boxes, stone/glass counter tops and signs. 

Premium modules are a UL component [US] and have a 7-year warranty
UL File # E358479.

Two and three color LED modules are available, which make
it possible to create millions of colors or various color temperatures.

Light Panel LED Edgelit light panel
LED Edge-lit light panels, give a uniform edge to edge illumination and are
good sources 
of illumination for photography, signs, stone, glass counter tops,
stained glass, commercial display cases and light boxes. Custom colors and
shapes are available, UL Listed.

Electroluminescent Panel
Thin, flexible film. Uses: Electronic displays, architectural models, furniture,
artistic and theatrical creations.


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