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Large LED Modules, Edge-lit and Electroluminescent Panels


Large LED Module to back light stone / Lumix
Manufactured in the US [Imported parts]. Large LED light modules are aluminum
printed circuit boards containing surface mounted LEDs. Uses: architectural luminaire, 
illumination for stained glass, light boxes, stone/glass counter tops and signs. 

Premium modules are a UL component [US] and have a 7-year warranty
UL File # E358479.

Two and three color LED modules are available, which make
it possible to create millions of colors or various color temperatures.

Light Panel LED Edge-lit panel
LED Edge-lit acrylic panels, give uniform edge to edge illumination and are
good sources 
of illumination for photography, signs, stone / glass counter tops,
stained glass, commercial display cases and light boxes. Custom colors and
shapes are available, UL Listed.

Electroluminescent Panel
Thin, flexible film. Uses: Electronic displays, architectural models, furniture,
artistic and theatrical creations.


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